Want to get things done more economically? Want your team to add scalability, economy and robustness to your application development practices? MartinScott can get you there. Our consulting staff includes several experienced trainers, including several regular presenters at professional developer conferences from Lotusphere, The VIEW, and Advisor Media, as well as an instructor from a leading commercial training video tape series for Domino.

Lotus Authorized Curriculum courses

All courses in Lotus’s Authorized Curriculum can be brought to your location by Certified Lotus Instructors (CLI) from MartinScott. These classes emphasize all aspects of Lotus Notes & Domino development and administration, and prepare your teams for Lotus Certification exams. See descriptions of Lotus’s current courses for all Lotus software.

MartinScott’s own training seminars

MartinScott has presented dozens of original conference presentations on all topics of Lotus Domino application development and system administration. Development seminars (typically 90 – 150 minute) include complete, working, documented example applications. System administration sessions can include any topics customized to your environment and procedures. The following are exclusive seminars that only MartinScott can deliver to you.

Introduction to Notes & Domino Application Development

  • JavaScript for Domino Developers
  • Domino Web Application Security
  • Advanced Workflow Tips & Tricks
  • Advanced JavaScript for Domino Web Applications
  • Advanced JavaScript for Notes Applications
  • Cool User Interfaces for Notes Applications
  • Cool User Interfaces for Domino Web Applications
  • Performance Engineering for Notes & Web Applications
  • Enterprise Integration Landscape for Domino

Customized training

Our expert Lotus Domino consultants can tailor a training program to meet the specific needs of individuals or groups. We can apply the lessons directly to your own environment, effectively transferring knowledge to the areas where we can make an immediate impact.

We acquire course materials and media from IBM or third party-providers, then we customize the courseware and media with nomenclature, features, procedures, and application details specific to your organization. After prototyping a custom course, we will incorporate feedback to deliver a polished and re-useable training package. For on-going training needs, we can setup an online scheduling and enrollment system for automated training management. We also develop course evaluation systems to assess students’ retention of the knowledge we have delivered.

Experience from the real world

In addition to professional training experience, all of MartinScott’s instructors are first and foremost professional application developers and system administrators with years of experience applying their expertise to real world problems, not just classroom instruction.

Partner with the best

Our vast experience with Notes & Domino in dozens of commercial and government environments has made MartinScott the ideal partner for organizations looking to leverage the power of Lotus Domino Server. Contact MartinScott today to fully leverage our vast knowledge in your Domino projects.

MartinScott Services

Application Development

Let us solve your business needs with a custom designed Lotus Notes/Domino application. Or let our expert developers tune your existing applications.

Upgrades & Migrations

Thinking about upgrading, moving or consolidating your existing Lotus Domino server or Notes client environment? We help you plan, test, execute or review!


Want to know which security holes exist in your IBM/Lotus/HCL environment? Looking to fully document your IT systems, transfer knowledge to staff or prepare for turn-over?


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