Company Overview


MartinScott was founded in 1996 by four independent Lotus Notes experts. These founding members realized that, more so than in other software development environments, Lotus Notes professionals exist in widely varying levels of proficiency and, therefore, economy. MartinScott Consulting set out to focus on applying the skills of seasoned experts to the challenges of non-trivial development problems in Lotus Notes. Starting out with Lotus, SAIC, and Freddie Mac as key clients, MartinScott quickly evolved into a leading solution provider.

In the late 1990’s, as other development firms grew quickly to scoop up any developers they could find, MartinScott chose to grow very conservatively, instead focusing on a controlled level of unmatched expertise and consulting effectiveness afforded to our clients. Frequently, we have been engaged by clients frustrated with other development firms who cannot implement their complex Lotus Domino ideas quickly enough, or at all.

MartinScott Today

Today, our highly skilled professionals are engaged around the world delivering innovative and cost effective solutions. Our practice areas include the management of all types of information and processes related to people, knowledge, and finance.

We are proud to offer an array of unique online technical resources to help developers and administrators.

In addition to our services and online resources, MartinScott has emerged as a leading developer of software products for the Notes & Domino platform, including our WirelessMail and NoteMan products.

MartinScott qualifications:

  • Lotus Qualified Business Partner
  • IBM Advanced Business Partner
  • Frequent speakers at international Lotus Technical Conferences
  • Frequent authors of technical articles for Lotus Advisor, DominoPower, Lotus Domino Expert, and The View
  • Consulting staff consist of Certified Lotus Professionals (CLP) and Principal CLP (PCLP)
  • Lotus Domino.Doc Specialty Partner
  • Member of Domino.Doc Advisory Council
  • Developed Domino web applications at Lotus during Domino’s alpha stages
  • Pioneered the use of JavaScript with Domino applications
  • Member of DC Notes User Group
  • Retained by Lotus to develop several of their own Domino applications and portions of their web site
  • Key subcontractor to IBM Software Services for Lotus (formerly Lotus Professional Services)
  • LavaTech Struturo design partner

MartinScott Services

Application Development

Let us solve your business needs with a custom designed Lotus Notes/Domino application. Or let our expert developers tune your existing applications.

Upgrades & Migrations

Thinking about upgrading, moving or consolidating your existing Lotus Domino server or Notes client environment? We help you plan, test, execute or review!


Want to know which security holes exist in your IBM/Lotus/HCL environment? Looking to fully document your IT systems, transfer knowledge to staff or prepare for turn-over?


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