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Simplify, Resolve and Manage

MartinScott provides a free consultation to help you solve whatever business need you may have. We are proud of our repeat customers and only recommend solutions that make sense to you, even if they aren’t always Lotus centric. We feel strongly about maximizing the resources you already have and our passion is enablement, so we can help if you’d prefer to work alongside our consultants, or simply need their help with validating your project plan. MartinScott consultants have extensive experience working with numerous environments, small to large and can help you migrate, consolidate, upgrade or review your Lotus, BES, Sametime, Quickr, Websphere and even Microsoft environments. And while we’ll gladly come see you, with the help of remote control software, MartinScott can do most tasks without you having to wait for (and pay for) a consultant’s travel time to your site.

Domino Environment Review

Leverage MartinScott’s in-the-field Lotus expertise to thoroughly review your environment and document the proper configuration for hundreds of Domino configuration settings. We’ll capture inconsistencies, the relationship between different settings, and we’ll even document how you can clean up your environment to achieve solid security and optimum performance. An Environment Review by MartinScott will reduce your risk of security and data issues, pre-empting any internal or external auditor surprises and streamline your server configuration and remove unnecessary tasks to free up performance. We’ll help you clean up internal error messages and warnings, reducing on-going administration effort and gaining gain a customized reference for your environment’s current and ideal state settings. MartinScott’s Domino environment review is heavy on knowledge transfer as one of our security experts talks half a day to walk you through the findings database, which includes how to properly secure your environment. This allows you to ask questions of an expert Administration specialist, leveraging the outside experience we’ve gleaned from solving problems in hundreds of other organizations This process is also highly recommended for just prior to an environment or server upgrade.

Domino Server Administration, Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting

Regardless if you’re looking to add to your Domino environment, try Sametime web conferencing or instant messaging, bring up a new BES or Websphere server, MartinScott can quickly review your existing environment and setup your new resources, sometimes even the same day we get started. Our catalog of third party solutions even allows us to help you simplify your daily tasks, client management, SPAM or server monitoring issues, if needed. And if you end up in a critical situation, with crashed servers or recurring service issues, gives us a call or contact us via the web form on our site and one of our expert consultants will assist right away.

Upgrades, Consolidations and Migrations

Looking to upgrade your entire Lotus environment? Need help with choosing the right client software or server hardware? Perhaps you’re moving to a new data center, new hardware, are virtualizing everything and are looking for a list of requirements, gotchas and lessons learned during one of our many reference projects. Or perhaps, perhaps you have too many servers and are looking to consolidate without disturbing your users’ productivity. No matter if the project at hand is small or large, we have the skillset and experience to help you get it done.

Thinking about Domino? We make it easy!

Our Lotus/IBM Business Partner status allows us to download and install all software directly to your server box remotely, on the same day you engage our services. These full evaluation copies can be converted to licensed copies (with or without IBM Passport subscription) within 60 days, so you can be up and running with Domino on day one without having to wait for licenses. We’ll even setup a few web-enabled databases for you to collaborate with, such as discussion or team rooms and resource and reservations. Simply evaluate your Lotus solution and We include the license fees on our invoice so you only have to deal with one vendor. And you can evaluate the software within this 60 day period, so you don’t even have to commit if you find Notes/Domino is not for you.

Partner with the best

Our vast experience with the Notes & Domino environments has made MartinScott the ideal partner for organizations looking to leverage the power of Lotus Domino Server. Contact MartinScott today for your administration, troubleshooting, audit or consolidation needs.

MartinScott Services

Application Development

Let us solve your business needs with a custom designed Lotus Notes/Domino application. Or let our expert developers tune your existing applications.

Upgrades & Migrations

Thinking about upgrading, moving or consolidating your existing Lotus Domino server or Notes client environment? We help you plan, test, execute or review!


Want to know which security holes exist in your IBM/Lotus/HCL environment? Looking to fully document your IT systems, transfer knowledge to staff or prepare for turn-over?


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