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Leverage MartinScott’s in-the-field Lotus expertise to thoroughly review your environment and document the proper configuration for hundreds of Domino configuration settings. We’ll capture inconsistencies, the relationship between different settings, and we’ll even document how you can clean up your environment to achieve solid security and optimum performance. An Environment Review by MartinScott will reduce your risk of security and data issues, pre-empting any internal or external auditor surprises and streamline your server configuration and remove unnecessary tasks to free up performance. We’ll help you clean up internal error messages and warnings, reducing on-going administration effort and gaining gain a customized reference for your environment’s current and ideal state settings. MartinScott’s Domino environment review is heavy on knowledge transfer as one of our security experts talks half a day to walk you through the findings database, which includes how to properly secure your environment. This allows you to ask questions of an expert Administration specialist, leveraging the outside experience we’ve gleaned from solving problems in hundreds of other organizations This process is also highly recommended for just prior to an environment or server upgrade.

MartinScott Services

Application Development

Let us solve your business needs with a custom designed Lotus Notes/Domino application. Or let our expert developers tune your existing applications.

Upgrades & Migrations

Thinking about upgrading, moving or consolidating your existing Lotus Domino server or Notes client environment? We help you plan, test, execute or review!


Want to know which security holes exist in your IBM/Lotus/HCL environment? Looking to fully document your IT systems, transfer knowledge to staff or prepare for turn-over?


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