Application Development

MartinScott is one of the most highly experienced Lotus Notes & Domino consultancies in North America. Our team of highly skilled, Certified Lotus Professionals have the skills and experience required to deliver your critical Domino-based applications with maximum speed and minimal risk.

Each organization and project has different needs. With the depth and breadth of knowledge of our MartinScott consultants, you can be assured of creative and efficient solutions to your business problems. Let MartinScott show you the way.

MartinScott develops and maintains Domino applications accessed by the Notes client, web browsers and mobile devices. We have developers with strong Notes client and xPages expertise, as well as integrating modern web languages and frameworks such as:

  • Javascript
  • Java
  • xPages
  • CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc)
  • Javascript Frameworks (Node.js, ReactJS)

MartinScott Services

Application Development

Let us solve your business needs with a custom designed Lotus Notes/Domino application. Or let our expert developers tune your existing applications.

Upgrades & Migrations

Thinking about upgrading, moving or consolidating your existing Lotus Domino server or Notes client environment? We help you plan, test, execute or review!


Want to know which security holes exist in your IBM/Lotus/HCL environment? Looking to fully document your IT systems, transfer knowledge to staff or prepare for turn-over?


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